Right click a property to set as default, mandatory, etc?

(Moderators: Sorry, I absent-mindedly attached those files when I should
have uploaded them somewhere. I'll just send this again and hope you see
this before confirming my last message!)

I was playing with Blender 2.5 and felt really jealous of its awesome
new feature where one can right click a property (ANY property) and
insert a keyframe for it. Unfortunately, we don't get keyframes in the
GNOME desktop, but we do have default and mandatory gconf keys :)

Has anyone explored the possibility of adding / extending the context
menus for gnome-control-center's gconf property editor widgets, adding
"Set default" and "Set mandatory" options? Given that these widgets are
linked to things in gconf, that could be pretty slick and magical. The
result would be much easier fine-grained system administration for
everybody and a wonderful demonstration of why gconf is a good thing.

I'm tempted to take a shot at it myself. I did get the right click so
far on some widgets (the ones that aren't eating my events...) and I
made a feeble attempt at getting it to actually do stuff when I choose
things on the menu. I'll need to give this a bit of love to make it work
well, so I feel it would be best to ask around if this is even a
sensible thing to do :)
Here are some unexciting screenshots, just to be sure we are on the same

Dylan McCall

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