Re: desktop effects tab in appearance capplet


first of all, nice to see some activity to get this integrated
properly in gnome. I think thats this is really important for a nice
end user experience.
>  * first of all, what should be done to choose compiz or metacity? That
>  is, a user would install a default desktop with metacity without
>  compositor (is that the case for Fedora and Ubuntu?) and when the user
>  enables the desktop effects, what should it do, activate compositor on
>  metacity or just run compiz to replace metacity?

Is the compositor of metacity even really indented for end users? I
mean there has been a lot of effort put on the compiz compositor and
on it's window management abilities. It would be a shame to waste this
effort in favour of a rather basic composition feature. I think when
the user wants "desktop effects" he/she wants compiz not metacity.

>  * The last version of the patch packs a lot the widgets, so we talked
>  about moving this
>  ( )
>  to the interface tab.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the interface tab more for in-window
settings of gtk/gnome apps (menu bar settings)?
Maybe the tab would need to be renamed to actually fit its context.

>  * Also, the windows capplet should deal correctly with whatever WM is
>  running, or even this enable-desktop-effects thing should be moved
>  there ?

I think the current WM capplet could actually stay. Compiz is able to
map on metacity gconf keys when using the CompizConfig settings
backend provided by Compiz Fusion with 'integration' enabled.

Best Regards,

PS.: Sorry if you get this mail twice, I forgot to cc to gnomecc-list

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