Re: Plans for 2.20


On 3/7/07, Denis Washington <dwashington gmx net> wrote:
Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 16:55 +0100, Denis Washington wrote:
>> One thing we should really think about IMHO is how the 2.20 capplets
>> should generally look like. Should they stay simple notebooks? I may be
>> wrong, but I don't think that we really can merge very many preferences
>> without making a second categorization level possible at least for some
>> capplets. We shouldn't work around this issue with just opening extra
>> windows for certain preferences to reduce the number of tabs. I know
>> that notebooks in notebooks are not a very popular option (though not
>> against HIG as some seem to think), but I'm pretty sure we need some way
>> of sub-categorization; it may also help to find thinks better if the
>> preferences are grouped in a clever way.
> could you please send to the list the mockup you showed me? That way, we
> can talk about something real :-) My personal opinion is that, after
> seeing Denis' mockup, it doesn't look that bad

Here is the mockup, a notebooks-in-notebooks version of a simple
keyboard and keyboard-a11y capplet. The actual UI can probably be
improved, it's mainly to show the notebooks:

Comments are more than welcome :)

The amount of room that is used for the second set of tabs on the
Accessibility page is just about enough room to show the entire
contents of the Options sub-tab.  Couldn't it just be put on one page?

For the Layout tab, how many layouts does the most common user have?
My guess it 1 or 2, 3 at most.  So, we probably should only show 3 or
so rows in the treeview by default.

Also, it seems like the Layout Options aren't used as often as the
other items.  Couldn't we just add a button for each layout that says
"Customize...".  Similar to the way the theme preferences is

Not really liking tabs in tabs here.


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