Re: Plans for 2.20

One thing we should really think about IMHO is how the 2.20 capplets
should generally look like. Should they stay simple notebooks? I may be
wrong, but I don't think that we really can merge very many preferences
without making a second categorization level possible at least for some
capplets. We shouldn't work around this issue with just opening extra
windows for certain preferences to reduce the number of tabs. I know
that notebooks in notebooks are not a very popular option (though not
against HIG as some seem to think), but I'm pretty sure we need some way
of sub-categorization; it may also help to find thinks better if the
preferences are grouped in a clever way.

As a side note: if keyboard layouts/options are going to be put into
separate dialog - I would love this dialog to be available as a
separate executable (or there should be special command line option
for the keyboard capplet asking to show that dialog _only_). It would
be used by the keyboard indicator capplet.


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