Re: keyboard applet

Simple regrouping of tabs into different arrangements, at the price of
nested notebooks or, worse,  notebooks-simulated-by-buttons, is not
going to solve issue.  Note e.g. that the "repeat keys" settings are
duplicated on the "basic keyboard a11y" and "keyboard keyboard"
tabs. This needs some real thought and reorganization.
That's fair. But I really do not know how to represent "layouts" and
"layout options" as something but 2 tabs (nested or not) - of course,
without introducing separate popups. Anyway, I restarted that thread
in order to open the discussion, so if there are ideas on how to move
things around that infamous capplet - please raise your voice!

Making required functionality DND-only would be considered an
a11y regression by a lot of people.
I thought about it. But it is actually not a regression because:
- reordering can be done by using add/remove buttons
- the number of layouts is NEVER > 4 and in most cases it is 1 or 2,
so adding removing them is an easy job.
- the _order_ of layouts in switching is not something people would
consider as high priority configuration setting.

So, while I admit there might be some a11y issue here, the severity of
it extremely low; but in return this change allows us to make the
layouts list wider (which is good for some layouts/variants with
lengthy descriptions, for example, some German ones). I guess this is
a reasonably good deal for us.



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