Re: keyboard applet

On 7/24/07, Sergey Udaltsov <sergey udaltsov gmail com> wrote:

The hot topic was nested notebooks (controlled by tabs or buttons as
on the mockup) for layouts/options - and we still have no single
vision on that account IIRC. Actually, same question applies to a11y,
if we plan to merge it into the keyboard capplet - there are 3 tabs
over there. Should these tabs go to into "Details" popup which becomes
available when users enables a11y?

Simple regrouping of tabs into different arrangements, at the price of
nested notebooks or, worse,  notebooks-simulated-by-buttons, is not
going to solve issue.  Note e.g. that the "repeat keys" settings are
duplicated on the "basic keyboard a11y" and "keyboard keyboard"
tabs. This needs some real thought and reorganization.

Regarding the buttons for the layout list - on the mockup, the buttons
"Up" and "Down" were removed. I initially disliked that idea - but now
I think I am ready to remove them. The order of layouts in the list
define the order of switching - it actually matters. Yesterday, I
committed DnD support - and it was the last bit that convinced me. So,
user can add/remove layouts, he/she can reorder them using DnD (though
it is not explicitly clear that DnD is available, I must admit) - so I
consider "Up" and "Down" buttons as redundant - and going remove them
ASAP (moving "Add"/"Remove" to the bottom as on the mockup).

Making required functionality DND-only would be considered an
a11y regression by a lot of people.

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