Re: GUADEC meeting summary

Doh, that looked somewhat incomplete...

On 20.07.2007 16:25, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
We had an informal meeting at GUADEC with Thomas, Jens, Jimmy, Scott,
Sebastien, Sergey and myself to talk about current plans and problems,
so here's a summary:

I'd like to add a few more points.

	* should we use the categories for capplets in the menu? At least, for
people using the whole menu instead of the shell, it wouldn't be so

Personally (and I believe that's what Thomas said as well), I find using the
categories for submenus much more cluttered than having all in one menu.

	* merge desktop effects (from compiz) with display capplet

I'd like to see a more detailed proposal for what exactly this would
entail. The impression I got at the meeting was that there are at
least two different desktop effects capplets at the moment (Ubuntu and
SUSE?). Also, at the GUADEC CC BOF, the question was raised whether
turning this into an option was a good idea at all, and whether we might
not get along just fine without it (ie. by detecting the wm running and
acting accordingly). What does the capplet do, anyway?

	* there are too many entries in the a11y submenu, some of them just
call other capplets (preferred apps), so we should look at reducing the

The related bug is 444787 [1]. No reply from George, yet. Any objections
against dropping those three entries?

	* about-me seems to be disabled by default, should we enable it? fix it
and make it more useful?

It certainly needs a good bit of fixing (keyboard timeouts come to
mind, bleh). It might become a bit more useful when the telepathy stuff
that was talked about at GUADEC lands (whenever that may be).

In addition to all that:

   * cursor themes still need to be removed from the mouse capplet

* there are a couple of issues left with theme thumbnails and custom colours

   * I'm still planning to go over configure and Makefiles to make stuff a
little saner on the building front. No promises, though...



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