Re: [PATCH 0/7] Metacity mouse button configuration and control-center support

Ok, that was the series of patches. A few final caveats:

 - first time touching gnome. I tried to conform to the coding style, and 
   "ItWorksForMe(tm)". But I have absolutely no background with either 
   metacity or control-center, so mistakes may have happened.

 - The shortcut for setting the right-click in the window preferences 
   window is alt-i, as in "rIght". "R" was already used for "Raise". And I 
   didn't do a Polish version.

 - I have no idea how to line up the titlebar action menu things prettily. 
   You can just consider it a congenital defect. I just don't do UI 
   programming. But it really doesn't look ugly or cluttered, I think. But 
   lining them up might be a good idea. Anybody who knows more about glade 
   and XML than I do (which means "anybody more experienced than cut and 
   paste") could go wild.

 - Does it need to be in some "experts" menu? Don't ask me. I just want my 
   right mouse-button to be useful, without having to remember the magic 
   gconftool-2 syntax. I don't think mouse button configuration should be 
   that hard.

The few options I added are by no means exhaustive. Other mouse button 
bindings may make sense. I tried to make it easy to add config options at 
all levels, but the only one _I_ cared about was "lower" (which should 
*not* be on a middle-mouse-button that I don't have).

And if this was the wrong place to send the patches, you can just blame 
the README file in the control center source directory.


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