[PATCH 0/7] Metacity mouse button configuration and control-center support

This email will be followed by 7 further emails with patches, comprising 
of two series:

 - a series of 5 patches to metacity to allow configuration of mouse 
   button events. Patches against metacity-2.17.5.

   Patches 1-3 are just preparatory cleanup work, with some code movement 
   and abstraction, with patch 4 being the real change-over, and the final 
   patch being a small final tweak. Patches 1-4 were sent out yesterday to 
   what hopefully are the proper maintainers, but I'm re-sending them all 
   to gnomecc-list because the _next_ series is:

 - a series of 2 patches to control-center, to actually extend the 
   double-click configuration to also handle middle- and right-click.

   The first patch is purely perparatory cleanup, the second patch has all 
   the real meat.

People have told me that this is clutter and unnecessary complexity. I 
obviously disagree. My main laptop has a two-button mouse, and that 
together with various historical reasons means that I want my right button 
to do something useful. I always found the inability of the standard gnome 
window manager to handle that to be a deal breaker.

So I decided to do something about it. Let's see if people are actually 
interested in improving gnome, or will just complain about the horrible 


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