Re: GUADEC meeting summary

> this should be easy with the modules code I refactored.
Yes that's what I thought...

> > >         * merge keyboard indicators capplet and layout tab
> > Do you mean "keyboard indicator plugins"?
> yes
I am still not convinced this would be the best solution - a lot of
people have no idea about plugins and realy do not care. What I
propose instead - remove .desktop file from libgnomekbd, so you'd
never see the plugins capplet again in g-c-c. Instead, the indicator
applet would have "Plugins" in its popup menu.

> > >         * merge layout + timezone (from evolution) + i18n on a i18n capplet
> > What about keyboard model and various keyboard options?
> probably they can go along layout?
But they do not belong to i18n area IMHO. They are rather about
hardware than i18n.

> I think it was decided we don't want them.
I remember that. Noone wants them. But what would we do instead? Popup(s)?


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