Re: Appearance Capplet Ideas

On 04/04/07 12:41, Denis Washington wrote:

I pretty much like the mockup. Besides of the things Rodrigo mentioned (maybe rename the "Appearance" tab to "Style"?), I only have one concern:

Possible, but I already used Style as a label in the Appearance tab too.

Choosing a theme in the "Themes" tab would change settings for control style, icon set etc. The problem is that the HIG says:

"Do not design a notebook such that changing controls on one page affects the controls on any other page. Users are unlikely to discover such dependencies."

So we may need some change here.

Ah, yeah I had thought this might be a problem too. My suggestion would be to create a separate Theme capplet, with just the contents of the Themes tab.

Perhaps Calum has any ideas on how confusing this would be?



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