Re: Flexible multiple AT app configuration

Hi George:

I certainly hope you don't interpret this discussion as a sign you should stop working on 350263; I think I probably speak for everyone in saying 'thank you' for the work you are doing.

I do think that the discussion is relevant to 350263; that is, I think we are re-thinking the form that a solution for that RFE might best take. I am in favor of an approach that avoids the need to categorize ATs into "screen reader"/"magnifier"/'OSK' because certainly there will continue to be ATs that don't fall neatly into one of those categories (or which fall into two or more of them).

About gnome APIs for reading the .desktop files - it seems like something there should be shared code for doing, but I don't know if/how it is currently being done. It does appear to me that parsing the .desktop files is something that is already happening when, for instance, the main menu gets built.

Moving the .desktop files into an autostart directory seems a bit strange to me, but if that's the way it's supposed to work.... I guess we should try and go with it :-)

My interpretation of Henrik's work is that it targets 'community' Gnome, not just ubuntu. My hope would be that you and Henrik would be able to merge your ideas, we can form a consensus on this forum, and the two of you (perhaps with the help of others) would be able to implement the plan together. Does that sound reasonable?

Best regards,


George Kraft IV wrote:

I'm including gnome-accessibility-devel and gnomecc-list, because that
is where I first posted about my work on Preferred Applications for
gnome bug 350263.

I don't understand how one is to register all the different ATs
using .desktop files instead of gconf.  I would think there needs to be
a set of some gnome APIs to read, write, edit, and search the
various .desktop files.  Currently gnome-session is coded to launch the
ATs, read in bug 350263 how I propose to use .desktop files in
directory /usr/share/gnome/autostart.

Is Henrik's proposed "Assistive Technology Applications" dialog a new
gnome feature instead of the existing "Assistive Technology
Preferences", or the previously proposed "Preferred Applications"
enhancement?  Or is Henrik's proposal an Ubuntu feature?  Should I
continue working on 350263?

George (gk4)

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