Re: test

On Fri, 21 May 1999, Janos Farkas wrote:
> Although test posts are not my favourite use of bandwidth, I have a
> "similar" question too.  Now that Miguel is travelling, it's quite
> natural to be quiet here, but...  But bonobo has made nontrivial
> progress in the last few weeks; just *where* is it discussed?  I'd guess
> gnome-components were created just for this, but it's as silent as this
> list, it's been months since there was any traffic on it...

gnome-components is the theoretical list, but Miguel isn't talking to
himself on there - if you're interested, ask questions! :-) Probably
someone will answer if they know.

This list is appropriate for talking about Bonobizing the Gnome Workshop
applications, and how Gnome Workshop will use components. (though, please
keep it as concrete as possible and related to what we're implementing :-)
General Bonobo comments should probably go to the components list.


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