Re: test

On 1999-05-21 at 09:35:00, Moya Piernavieja Rodrigo wrote:
> test

Although test posts are not my favourite use of bandwidth, I have a
"similar" question too.  Now that Miguel is travelling, it's quite
natural to be quiet here, but...  But bonobo has made nontrivial
progress in the last few weeks; just *where* is it discussed?  I'd guess
gnome-components were created just for this, but it's as silent as this
list, it's been months since there was any traffic on it...

Oh, you mean on IRC?  Please, people, can you be a bit more open about
development to the ones with less on-line time to spend? :)

Janos - Don't worry, my address is real.  I'm just bored of spam.

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