ole ??

Well, i don't really know whether all this is really 
relevant to this list but... flames to /dev/null

I am completly new to desktop programming and gtk is
my first widget: i decided a month ago to learn 
gnome/gtk programming to help in the gnome project.
however, the api is much too big: so, i began my own
app to learn all this cleanly (GXFig : a gnome/gtk
clone of xfig, much simpler than gyve).

So, please, tell me if i am right:
an app needs to do: 
	1) file saving/loading
	2) config file loading/saving
	3) object linking (we'll come back to this later)

well, i think gnome can do all this but how ?
what library calls can i use to save some struct state ?
back to object linking: it is rather obscure to me...
i never really understood windoze ole so... if i am right, 
an app simply calls one through some corba object exportation
: ole is nothing more than that. Is inter_application 
copy/paste same ? 
However, here is my pb: let's imagine that i code some app
which uses .fig files and displays some vector drawings.
now, how can i set it up so that any other gnome app can
use it in an ole system ? won't all other app need custom code
to integrate this new app ?

Last but not least: i noticed there is no library call to 
allow someone to add/remove items in toolbars using gnome
while it can be done for menus. Should i really use
gtk_toolbar_insert_item function ??

Thanks for any answer.

 Mathieu Lacage                            
 ch 224,                                   
 212 Rue de Tolbiac                        
 75013 Paris                               

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