Re: [gnome-women] What's the plan?


On 5/29/06, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:
> Potentially awkward. :(
> We need to make gender recording optional:

Yes, that's the plan. I think it solves most potential controversy.

I would not like to specifically draw attention or tout my gender
(which should not matter and nor is it a secret as such :-)) but it
will be nicer if gender recording were optional.

> Good in general. We discussed this on Ubuntu-Women recently, and were
> concerned that anyone listed as a mentor is recommended personally as
> having the skills and attitude needed.

Besides the technical expertise, a combination of patience and
consideration for a new mentee helps greatly.

At the moment, I guess that a whole beaurocratic structure to handle
problems would be hard to get going and would make this appear less
attractive. Plus people would tend to leave all "enforcement" up to the
beaurocracy instead of just saying "Hey, that's not good. It's really
against our code of conduct".

I think Ubuntu's code of conduct is successful because of the expectations
that it creates rather than the organizational structure it creates. I
would like GNOME's Code Of Conduct to be simpler.

... there is a CC[0] with bi-weekly meetings[1] on IRC and people can
also raise the issue privately[0]



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