Re: Thoughts for

On Thu, 2011-03-10 at 23:13 +1300, John Stowers wrote:
> I think the most compelling, and most marketable docs for the new
> website are the sample applications built using the different languages.
> They showcase the power of the g-i stuff and I hope they are well
> received.

I agree. The demos were the big thing to come out of the Berlin
hackfest, and we want to showcase them prominently. I think the
carousal display of screenshots was Andreas's idea.

> I also think it would be good to focus the site on just developer docs.
> I found the demo site a little hard to navigate - the navigations is
> really deep. 
> Lets put prominent links to
>  * Gtk, GLib and Gio API (latest versions)
>  * the multi-language demos
>  * platform overview
> Everything else can be one more click away (or behind search)
> I'd also like to see a landing page for 'how to use gtk etc from non-c
> languages.

Right, I don't disagree. Of course, we can only deal with the
content we have. One big reason I want to have parts of the
site served with something like WP is so that we can easily
change which things we want to highlight, and how we want to
link to them.


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