Plone - git structure and some questions

hey all,

nice to see work is going on !

but i have one question, well more than one but i will start with one,
can we think about some kind of structure for git ?
gil, for example is creating a own .git for buildout, policy, theme and
so on, i on the other hand have them all in one .git what makes it
sometimes really hard to merge them all, well at least for me ... :)

one other point, i was searching around on the wiki, but i was not able
to find some information about, hits, traffic, visitors and so on, this
is for the test setup not that important of course but, i thing it
should be handy to also start slowly with the production buildout, even
if the decision will be wordpress, i should be interesting to see how
the site behaves in questions of speed, load, ram usage on so on. but
for this we have to sort some stuff out as for example:
- how many instances ?
- divide them on different server ?
- haproxy ?

i guess we go with the 'standard' setup like
zeoserver, nginx,varnish and supervisor ?

of course we also have to ask the infrastructure team what they prefer
for example apache vs nginx.

ok, hope for your input !



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