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El ds 13 de 11 de 2010 a les 12:30 -0300, en/na Ruda Porto Filgueiras va
> Hi,
> I'm follow the entire process of new website, before Plone
> was choosen, but I never has the opportunity to contribute to make
> things happen.
> I don't know why Plone is not yet in use by but now I have
> some spare time to contribute.
> So, I'm voluntary to work on this project and help you to develop code
> and manage the Plone installation and server.
> I'm a member of Brazilian Python Association [1] and also do some
> voluntary work for APyB where whe use Plone sites to host Association
> website and PyCon Brazil [2] website.
> I don't know how is the process to decide if Plone will be the choice
> for or will be suppressed by WordPress, but if Plone stay in
> game, count with me to help make things done.


We are trying to migrate the old effort to git and also to Plone 4.

If you have any kind of knowledge on handling translations it would be

Actually I think we should plan an IRC meeting (maybe next week?) to see
how many people are, what's it's left to do and what are the
expectations from the GNOME side ( it's a bit mess on the
specs about the website).


> Cheers,
> [1]
> [2]

Gil Forcada

[ca] - una xarxa lliure que no para de créixer
[en] - a non-stopping free network

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