Regarding commit access for the GUADEC websites


When the current GUADEC website[1] was set up it was decided -- or at
least the wish was expressed -- that the website should be something
reusable. We wanted something that doesn't get thrown away next year.
We ended up using OCS, Open Conference Systems[2].

Because keeping the website in a share repository would easy
maintenance and share our adaptations with the world we would like to
have the website published at There is already an
'guadec-web' module, but the code in that repository is not used and
doesn't seem to contain much of use. Maybe we could use that module.

Most of you have probably never heard of me before. I'm the webmaster
for GUADEC 2010 and the reason I'm sending this mail is that I would
like to request commit access. I requested it earlier today on Mango,
but I got a quick reply from Murray Cumming asking me to first discuss
the mater on the gnome-web-list mailing list. (I'm CC'ing
guadec-planning on Germán's request.) I know that the documentation
says that you have to contributed a reasonable amount of code already.
I hope that would not be too much of a problem, because it would be a
bit hard for me to push a whole new site to GIT merely by sending

What do you think?

[2 ]

Kind regards,
Sense Hofstede
[ˈsɛn.sə ˈɦɔf.steː.də]

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