Use of Plone in Travel Committee


I work in the Travel Committee, where we have been talking about
automating the sponsorship application process, which is explained at

Several months ago I was recommended to wait for the new website (based
on Plone) instead of doing a custom script.

Now that we are near to start the process for the next GUADEC, I thought
it is a good time to ask you about the current state of the new website,
in order to let us start the automation of our process.

We require basically a form which should include:
- Information that now is collected in a ODF document
- The user agrees with the terms and conditions of the sponsorship

In that way, we could handle the metadata directly, instead of retyping
every form we receive.

Please, be aware I am not asking to you to do it.  We can do it, if you
may point us where to start and if you see feasible to use Plone in the
short term.


Germán Póo-Caamaño
Concepción - Chile

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