Re: Shouldn't Drupal be reconsidered as CMS

Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:

The choice for the CMS has been made in 2006. Things have changed
quite a bit since then. Drupal for instance has made big steps forward
and it also getting very popular
E.g. on google trends
you see that drupal now is far more popular than plone. Actually
what's even worse is that plone popularity seems to be going down.
Furthermore google has around 33 million hits for drupal while only 10
million for plone. I know this is not that scientific but it's a sign.

In 2006 Drupal was a very popular contender but it was dismissed
because the i18n capabilities [1] were not good enough. In the
meantime quite some development has taken place on the i18n module.

Also it's now used for GUADEC .
Ubuntu uses it for their main site..

I've also used it personally to make
and found Drupal really powerful and easy to use.

Talking CMS choices are one of those things that are just going to end up in a really long and boring thread without any real consensus. What I would like for us to focus on first is to get all the organization, content and design together and get it really, really good. Then we can implement that in whatever thing suits best.
- Andreas

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