Re: GNOME needs new web

Hi, I can't agree more with the subject of your email. However.

On 5/22/07, Vojtěch Smejkal <goldfreedom centrum cz> wrote:
Hi people,

sorry for my arrogance, but i think GNOME website is out of date.

There is no problem with arrogance as far as you help solving the
issues you point.  :)

Have a look here:

And then here:

There is a lot more at but, really, now
you could invest better your time just helping out in an ad-hoc way.

In fact Ramon and Murray have fixed many of the required showstoppers.
I believe what we need now is "just" someone bringing the layout to
decent quality standards (everything looks good, test with different
browsers, etc) and an overall look to the content.

I don't even think the website should be perfect to be released since
I bet we will get all the help we are not getting as soon as the new
site is real. I would consider enough is people in this list think the
site is ok for a launch and if not what are the action points. Then we
would put the website at the disposal of the sysadmins (to move it to
the GNOME servers) and the board for official ok (if this is needed,
as a formality the board assigned this task to me last year).

I feel *bad* about this website and the no-time I'm investing in it
this year. I feel *really bad* for Murray and Ramon who have invested
so much time in the past week, being both probably as busy as myself.
The only comfort I get is the fact that I invested as much time as I
had back in last Summer & Autumn. Now family & work are taking all
this time (and they deserve it). I have tried to find the 25th hour
but it never comes.

On the other hand to remaining work is pretty documented, we have a
lot of flexibility to improvise personal solutions and I'm still
answering to questions & comments on the fly, as I'm doing now. We are
almost there but we still lack the people to make the step forward
volunteering with the last steps.

Quim Gil ///

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