Re: 3 men and a wgo release

Ramon should make the home work as it used to work some weeks ago, so
you see what do we currently have. From there you should be able to
work on the CSS without needing to install Plone etc (unless you want
to, of course).

Ramon, this is your path. Please push forward.

PS: I have to say that under paranoia mode I'm not discarding that
Ramon and I alone come up with the final CSS. Of course if Ricky can
help all the better.

On 6/28/07, Ricky Zhou <ricky zhou gmail com> wrote:
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Murray Cumming wrote:
> Do we have someone already to fix the CSS stylesheet?
I should definitely be available to help with that- however, I'd
probably need assistance in duplicating some of the pages locally so
that I can see CSS changes immediately.  I shouldn't have trouble
setting up Plone/gnometheme, but I'd need to make a few test pages
similar to what's up at


Quim Gil ///

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