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<quote who="Thomas Wood">

> is currently undergoing a revamp by Bruno Santos as part of
> the Google Summer of Code project. We've been considering what
> authentication system to implement and it has been suggested for a long
> time that it would be good if all sites used the same login
> system. We've looked at using, so would it be possible for
> other sites to use this system? Could and
> also offer OpenID as an alternative?

Blogo ( will be OpenID enabled soon. This doesn't help us
*too* much with SSO for all of, unless we set up a GNOME OpenID
provider and not only authenticated against it (that's the easy part) but
did special *authorisation* based on having a OpenID... That is
somewhat more complicated. If we allowed people to assoicate a "foreign"
OpenID with a GNOME login, that would be interesting... But would require
even further authorisation hacks to work. 8)

Not saying it's impossible, just pointing out that it's not a silver bullet.

- Jeff

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                         roll in." - Michael Meeks

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