Re: plone template customization bad practices to avoid

Oh, I forgot to mention that I volunteer to fix the templates where I see fit. Sorry for the foobar word play removal from the html layout, but it would have added one file we'd have to take care of in the future, this is unnecessary. Let's make the work of the Gnome Theme future maintainers as easy as possible. This is done with friendliness, no offense should be taken here.


On 22 Feb 2007, at 19:56, Quim Gil wrote:

Thanks for these comments. I'm with you. Now everything is quite
flexible and it's understandable to find quick solutions in order to
get i.e. quick mockups to move forwards. However, since we are
progressinbg so slowly at least the advantage we should take from this
is to develop something to last and provide a flexible, easy to manage

On 2/22/07, david convent <davconvent gmail com> wrote:

Plone is very well rated in the CMS world because it's been written
while keeping accessibility rules in mind,

Same with GNOME in the desktop world.

Quim Gil ///

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