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On Mon, Apr 30, 2007 at 04:50:35PM +0200, Frederic Peters wrote:
> Goran Rakic wrote:
> > Well, I didn't have any feedback on design from anybody yet, but I do
> > think it scales nice. What you would like to change besides going to
> > jhbuild instead FTP?
> Most of my mail was from frustration, such as changing from_release
> to limit download to 2.18 and that not producing the intended effect;
> such as waiting on a idle screen while the network was pounding on
> something.

There was a bug in it not building 2.18. Should be fixed.

> > Going the jhbuild path is not possible for three reasons: 1) we need to
> > build docs for API references too, 2) disk usage as Olav noted and 3) we
> > need to build docs for modules that are not part of any GNOME release
> 'jhbuild update meta-gnome-desktop' will just download and uncompress
> all archives; the idea came out when I had to fix
> -        cmd = ['tar', '--strip-components=1', '-C', dst, '-xzf', 'arc']
> +        cmd = ['tar', '--strip-components=1', '-C', dst, '-xzf', arc]

I broke above, sorry.

I still want to make more changes in libgo. Some of the code seems
copy/pasted between the various locators/drivers/etc. I want that
cleaner some day.

My current goal is to find out why the figures aren't included anymore
(I caused it, just can't find the bug). After that, find out why libgo
often also couldn't find the figures.


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