Re: [wgo] Products - Page structure


and sorry for the delay.

Anyway, the current situation with PSC and the gnome customization is:

1. We have a new template for the project view, with images and css. The design is mine, so it probably sucks. I'll be glad if someone could give it a look (the code is on svn)
2. We have a new side navigation for the products directory and the the projects. Instead of the normal navigation, we display the categories that are defined in PSC. The code there however, is a bit hacky (there's probably a better way to achieve what I wanted, and maybe not everything I put in is really needed), and I don't know how it will perform if you try to use it outside PSC. So keep an eye on those ZCML :D.
3. The default page of /products should now be a normal page (Ramon did something with some GS setup I think?). This can create a problem with the navigation at point 2 since I use adaptation to get instead of the normal nav. So my proposal is that we find a way to mark that page and make the adaptation work for it too.

This all really in brief. If there is anything (code you don't like for example, which is likely) I'm open to suggestions.



Simone Deponti
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