[wgo] web design

We had began the design of the site using the svn [1]. I recomend that
everybody that wants to help on css design join this project on this
gforge and help. On the docs directory David had placed a file with
instructions on how to develop or help with usefull links to tutorials
on plone skinning. This product is updated at the wgo development site
[2], I'll send an email about this site. It would be really nice to have
the final mockup of the sencondary pages on the docs/mockup/ directory (
nowadays there are 0.4 version ).

There are some questions about the design :

* The login url shoud say "login" or "edit this page"

* The accebility information link on the footer ?

* The menu should be a:hover ? ( popup menu when your mouse go over the
link )

[1] https://lafarga.cpl.upc.edu/projects/wgo/
[2] http://gnome.jardigrec.eu


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