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On Thu, 2006-11-09 at 19:40 +0100, Quim Gil wrote:
> I'll send more detailed comments about
> later tonight.

First doublechecking my comments about the previous draft -

- Distinction between promos and infos - OK

- Save a lot of links & words in the info blocks - PENDING  :)

- 800x600 - OK the current body fits, making fit the header is plain

- Planet block - What about having a block on top of the events block
consisting of header + a row of 6 hackergotchis with their name below,
nothing else, plus an icon or link to the Planet. We need to depopulate
the column otherwise we might end up getting the known disease of Column
Larger Than Body.

- News block - As said just the entries logo, title and date) is enough,
not the content. It should be much shorter. 

- Events block - Also the essential info only: title, place, dates and
perhaps logo. Interesting the distinction this month / this year but
it's risky since we can't assure events with GNOME presence all the
months. I'd start easy.

- Icons - OK

- Navigation - waiting the next mockup for comments. Note that with the
current arrangement is pretty obvious that we just need a damn big foot
+ "GNOME" where now we have the small logo & GNOME (top) and the "GNOME
Home:" (below).

- GNOME block - I think this is it for now. We can polish details but
it's not theme/skin dependent.

- Featured product - OK

- Banner area - OK. Skinners: you need to know that this area might be
filled by more than one banner.

> > Yeh, I just ended up moving the planet from the main area to the side 
> > because it's really not a whole lot of information - definitely not as 
> > much as news or events

news + planet + events = moving infos changing all the time. It makes
sense to have them altogether. The rest is more static.

Quim Gil ///

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