Re: [wgo] Skin work

First, let's agree that we continue the look&feel discussion in
gnome-web-list and not in marketing-list since the remaining items are
closely related to the skin work -> technical details.

Warning to skinners: the look&feel isn't still signed off, although we
can consider the last draft has hit the green.  :)

In order to sign off look&feel we need to concentrate on those aspects
that affect the skin work. We can leave things like the exact position
of the Planet block or the content of the What is GNOME block for

Remember that Máirín needs to come up with an agreed look&feel, NOT with
a final homepage.

I'll send more detailed comments about later tonight.

On Thu, 2006-11-09 at 11:47 -0500, Máirín Duffy wrote:

> What I will work on tonight:
> - Making the top nav bar a bit more like the guadec top nav bar
> - Hashing out the footer
> - Making the 'what is gnome' section stand out a bit more
> - Start mocking up a secondary page
> > I like the layout though and love the "What is GNOME". I take it planet 
> > has been removed from the main section I must have missed that decision, 
> > but never the less its shaping up nicely.
> Yeh, I just ended up moving the planet from the main area to the side 
> because it's really not a whole lot of information - definitely not as 
> much as news or events, and it really didn't need that much space I 
> think. It was just a result of trying different things to see what 
> worked visually, it wasn't an explicit decision if that makes sense?
> ~m
Quim Gil ///

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