Subdomains considered harmful (was Re: List of GNOME applications)


On Tue, February 14, 2006 11:57, Claus Schwarm wrote:
> However, it's not the responsibility of the web team to care about the
> web pages and promotion on all the various sub-projects of GNOME, IMHO.
> I prefer to think of
> as a sort of independent entity. It would obviously get a sort of front
> page that lists all projects.

One important question that I've not seen discussed yet is "what should
we do with subdomains?"

Do we want lots of subdomains (developer, library, live, status, www,
projects, foundation, etc.) or one website ( with

IMHO, people tend to think of websites on various subdomains as totally
different websites. I'm not sure this is what we want. In some cases,
it makes sense (for live.g.o, eg), but in most cases I believe we should
not promote them (they can still exist and work), but promote one website
with useful directories.


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