Re: Revised contact page for users and foundation

On 29/10/2003 1:12 PM, Curtis C. Hovey wrote:

I revised the w.g.o/contact page for users:
Since this is new content, and a departure from what is currently live,
I would like some advise about how it could be better.

I picked lists that I think are appropriate for users or relate to
distributions.  I listed because it is the only Web
resource that I know of that offers help to users.  I pulled the
national Web sites from the old resources page, are there more?  Perhaps
the national sites should be in their national language.  Like the
lists, I chose IRC channels because they seem appropriate for users or
dealt with distributions.
Maybe it would be better to sort the list by purpose first, rather than the type of contact. The medium really seems secondary to reason for contacting Gnome.

So for instance, it might make sense to group things like:

   * User support:, gnome-list, #gnome, bugzilla
   * Developers: desktop-devel-list, some document on contributing to
     Gnome, etc.
   * Distro/OS specific help, grouped by distro
   * Localised contact points, grouped by language.
   * Contacting the foundation
   * Press contact.
   * others?


Email: james daa com au

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