Contact page draft 2

Thanks for the feedback on the first draft of the Contact page.  I've
revised the page and placed a copy for review at

I think the page has three weaknesses:

It doesn't scan well.  My eyes stumble over the links because there are
a lot of redundant words.  Does any one have an opinion about how this
might be better organized or formated?

I think the related links section should only link the key phrase rather
than the whole sentence.  This page is generally meant for business
people, but the link to it will attract developers and users--can we
make the label to this page more specific.

The 'How to Contact' is still weak.  I think three kinds of users will
find this page from the w.g.o. home page, business people, developers,
and users.  I think a lot of business people and users will need some
help.  If we revise or create contact pages for developers and users, we
might want to place this information on a separate page to avoid

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