Re: Contact page draft 2

Le Mardi 14 octobre 2003, a 21:05, Curtis C. Hovey a ecrit :
> Thanks for the feedback on the first draft of the Contact page.  I've
> revised the page and placed a copy for review at 

A couple of comments:

* I'm not sure the EU Foundation mailing list is really active. This
  link might be dropped.

* You should list the foundation-announce mailing-list too as it is
  really low-traffic and it can be of interest for some people.
  foundation-list is for discussion about Foundation-related things.

* it might be nice to add links to the webpage for the board of
  directors and for the executive director (next to the e-mail

* it's not "GNOME Membership" but "GNOME Foundation Membership". And
  thus, the link should be with the other GNOME Foundation links. The
  link could be labelled "Membership Information" or something like

* "You may get one or more replies to your email, but please be patient
  as many of the recipients are not in the same timezone as you."
  I don't understand why there's a 'but'.

Enough nitpicking. Thanks for your work on this :-)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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