Re: Elections pages on the foundation website

<quote who="Vincent Untz">

> > htaccess is 'built' into .htaccess. It's easier to tell in your CVS tree
> > that you have htaccess stuff there if it's not a dotfile, plus we do
> > some seddage on all the htaccess files to provide directory and http
> > paths.
> There is no 'make' foo in foundation-web. Is it possible to have a
> non-dotfile htaccess there too ? (I don't know how the website is updated
> from CVS.)

I haven't looked at foundation-web yet, it looked like other people were
working on it; if it doesn't have make foo, perhaps just stick in a dotfile
for now, and we'll tidy it up later when it gets updated. :-)

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
     "Free software never simply picks up its marbles and goes home." -
                            Jonathan Corbet, LWN

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