Re: Web stuff from the GNOME 2.0 Gnotices article

Steve Fox wrote:
> As seen in the last GNOME 2.0 Release Team notes, Aaron (from Ximian)
> was a dear and wrote up a summary of the comments from Gnotices article
> regarding GNOME 2.0 at:
> Here's the website excerpts from it
> *  Allow voting for software on the GNOME software map *
> * Website Changes Requested:
>     * Devel section should have case studies
>     * wikis
>     * more architecture/docs stuff
>     * More thorough UI Guidelines
> Since I was already planning to add project voting to the SourceForge
> Trove system, I should be able to handle the first request sometime. The
> way I plan to do it is to only allow registered users to vote (troll
> reduction), and then allow voting on the release rather than the project
> in general. This is due to the fact that (most) projects get better with
> time.

I have been think a lot about voting and you have to be very careful 
about planing what your going to learn from the results.
Is it just a popularity voting then highest ranking will just be the 
program that everyone have a use for like browses and mailers e.t.c.

I think that we should design the voting as a tool to help making gnome

There is 2 types of voting I would like to see.

The first is that every project get a wishlist 
where users can post feature requests and votes for them,
a vote for every ip address and make it possible for the vote can move

The second type of voting is a way to compare projects with competition

I like                          Better than
[x]	enlightenment			[]
[]	black box			[x]
[]	afterstep			[x]
[]	sawmill				[x]
why ? [ all the cool epplets         ]  [submit]

This collect data about what the users like best and why!
This setup also allow us to extract info about a really good 
but not so famous project a thing popularity voting is not very good at.
Then we know which feature to copy ;-)

And another thing which isn't exactly voting.
I thing the gnome project is some more structured metrics.

Like a distribution metric.

[] rpm (1/4)
[] deb (1/4)
[] tar.gz (1/4)
[] src  (1/4)

so if a release is available in all 4 forms its distribution metric is 1
if only 3 then 3/4.

another could be a UI metric or a doc metric.

Then we could call a release which all the metrics at 1.0=100% a perfect


> Hopefully others can take the next 4 items. (/me notes that whomever
> coined the term wiki is on some serious crack)
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