Re: Re: Bullets

> > > One quick comment; the new tree widget in GTK 2.0 looks much more
> > > like the apple shot than the gnome or windows shot.  I think it's
> > > easier to see what's going on, too.
> > 
> > Does anybody have a good screen shot of this? Or better yet are the
> > graphics somewhere a non-CVS person can get them?
> Somewhat older screenshot at:
> Ignore the purple color and the misdrawn dotted line.  It will be
> changed and was fixed, respectively. (-:

So basically, we're talking about the same look gmc had?

I dunno, I'm a little concerned using a look that isn't complete yet or that mimics another OS so closely. Perhaps we should steer towards something more neutral? (Like, except more extendable and comprehendable. :)

We can use any of the three from the screen shots for now, but I'm going to think through this a little longer if it's not needed at the moment. Any other opinions?

Steve Hall  [ digitect mindspring com ]

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