Web stuff from the GNOME 2.0 Gnotices article

As seen in the last GNOME 2.0 Release Team notes, Aaron (from Ximian)
was a dear and wrote up a summary of the comments from Gnotices article
regarding GNOME 2.0 at:


Here's the website excerpts from it

*  Allow voting for software on the GNOME software map *
* Website Changes Requested:
    * Devel section should have case studies
    * wikis
    * more architecture/docs stuff
    * More thorough UI Guidelines

Since I was already planning to add project voting to the SourceForge
Trove system, I should be able to handle the first request sometime. The
way I plan to do it is to only allow registered users to vote (troll
reduction), and then allow voting on the release rather than the project
in general. This is due to the fact that (most) projects get better with

Hopefully others can take the next 4 items. (/me notes that whomever
coined the term wiki is on some serious crack)


Steve Fox

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