Re: HTML/CSS v. Links, Lynx and Opera 5

After showing the new layout to a couple people, i have just one suggestion to make.

The left side navigation menu could use a little improvement. The small size of the click area per link, and the lack of padding makes it hard to tell which options your trying to
click on.

I think if you add a bit of padding things will be good.

otherwise everyone i showed it too was impressed

Steve Hall wrote:

Just tested the templates against Links, Lynx and Opera 5. Both the
text-only browsers did beautifully with all three templates. (And I must
say, they look sweet... the main sections as a single row across the top
and then the sidebar nav items in a column, and then the body of the

Opera 5 didn't fare so well. It doesn't do 8-bit alpha PNGs so I tried
it with the IE template (middle of the road, GIFs). It didn't do any of
the javascript CSS highlighting, although it rendered everything else
fine. I vote we deliver the IE version to Opera 5 and hope they pick up
CSS JavaScript highlighting sometime soon.

There are some other platforms I'm unable to test. I'd like to see some
more of these:

** Internet Explorer 5.0, Windows
** Internet Explorer 5.0, Apple
* Internet Explorer 4.0, Windows
* Internet Explorer 4.0, Apple
* Internet Explorer 3.0, Windows (don't think there was a Mac version?)
** (Recent AOL... I know it's IE embedded, but I think they're a version
behind and I want to check if there are other anomalies, like crazy tool
bar offsets and the like.)
** Opera 5, Apple
* Opera 4, Windows
* Opera 4, Linux (if there's such a thing)
* Opera 4, Apple (if there's such a thing)
* Opera 3, Windows, et al.
* Netscape 4.76 or earlier, Windows and Linux. (We have 4.77 and 4.78.)
* Netscape 3 (If anybody has it.)
** ALL OTHER OS PLATFORMS' BROWSERS, esp. Unix and BSD! I have no access
to any of these and will be glad for any help I can get with them.

Outside of IE 5.0, this entire list is not a large percentage of our
total hits, but it would be nice to test where we can. Please forward me
screenshots or comments if you get a chance to test any of these.

Steve Hall  [ digitect mindspring com ]

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