Re: Updated Software Map test site

<quote who="Steve Fox">

> Haven't started the application mapping stuff yet, but I got a start on
> the file format stuff. Have a look at :
> and tell me what you think.

Kickarse, awesome stuff. This software map is going to be really cool. [1]

How hard would it be to swap those lists around? It seems that the broad
categories are on the right-hand side, and the drill-down detail is on the
left-hand side.

Perhaps it's my Western upbringing that leads me to this left-to-right
conclusion. Should we mark this as an i18n issue? ;)

- Jeff

[1] As long as it can be easily maintained -> are there freshmeat
autosubmission features in the SF trove? This would really rock, as GNOME
maintainers can update stuff here, and have it appear on Freshy too. How
much of a burden do you think Trove would be on the server? Can we optimise
anything, by caching etc?

                    The Unix Way: Everything is a file.                     
                 The Linux Way: Everything is a filesystem.                 

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