Re: Localized Pages

> So what is my point with this? Well, if my dad would have gone to the
> GNOME site to read about what GNOME was, and that page was displayed in
> English as default, he would have chosen not to read it. He would
> *never* have realized that he could get a localized page by clicking on
> a link somewhere. That is why I think making it translated by default is
> so important - to help users that are both novice users and not fluent
> with English.

i think this was your best arguement...sounds good to me, let the
dynamic-language-choice development continue....

Mark Koopman  
Software Engineer


$company = 'WebSideStory, Inc.';

%contact_info = (
   'addr1' => '10182 Telesis Court',
   'addr2' => 'San Diego CA  92121',
   'p' => '858.546.1182.ext.318',
   'f' => '858.546.0480',
   'e' => 'mark websidestory com'

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