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My mistake, I had not read your prior posting, and am going back to read it
(I just joined into the discussion this morning)

You have a very good point, and I believed "we" had already passed that mistake


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> > One important aspects, as Matt said ebfore, is we need an
> Architect who will
> > create story boards that everyone can agree upon
> >
> >
> > Jim
> I think that before we even reach a "story board" stage, we
> need to discuss some
> basic physical layout issues.  In my last email I proposed an
> initial structure
> proposal, and was hoping that it would foster some
> discussion, but so far, there
> haven't been any comments.  It seems as though we have some
> people that are good
> at organizing information nicely.  Once we are able to do
> this, it is much easier
> to go about solving our other problems.  I'm eager to hear
> proposals on actual
> structure/content organization.  This is an important issue,
> before we even begin
> to talk about templates, or what language we want to
> implement things in, if we
> want to use SQL, etc. Are there any thoughts on this matter?
>     --Ryan

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