Re: GNOME colors

> On Sun, Dec 17, 2000 at 07:38:41PM -0500, digitect wrote:
> > 
> > Anyone else care to chime in with opinions of colors? Joakim and I have been
> > preaching at each other for quite a few exchanges but I hope we haven't scared
> > everybody else off. I'll try to keep it down a little until next weekend.
> I have a hard time visualizing what the site will look like
> without seeing a full mockup.  :-(
I think this is what is holding back most other people on the list as well....
digitect has a decent mockup of some color ideas already.....maybe he can spend
a little time working on it to add in his color suggestions?

In a couple days I'll try and do the same, as time allows.  

> I will suggest that we might want different color schemes on 
> different parts of the site.  For example, the murky brown 
> color might be a good starting point for the development portion 
> of the site, while happier brighter colors might be better for 
> providing info to users.  Just a thought.   I definately think
> that GNotices should have a unique look and a branding of it's
> own, as well as "fit in".

I think a good idea is what digitect mentioned earlier: establishing a set of
colors to work with, and then have each subsite be a different arrangement of
those colors.  It would let each section have its own identity, while being
easily associated with the umbrella.  That gives us a lot of leeway 
for each section. Some common elements (like text) should be consistent 
throughout, of course.


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