file access using smb://

Hello all,

>From the GnomeVFS API document "From a user's perspective GnomeVFS
enabled applications provide consistent access to their data."

In contrast to this I find that using smb://, EOG & GIMP won't open
images, Gnumeric will open files but will only save to existing
filenames, Abiword will not open files, GPDF will not open files, GEDIT
will only open files in read only mode etc. Obviously, files can be
dragged to the Desktop, edited and then placed back again but this isn't
consistent with local files.

Have I mis-configured something?
Do I have a bug(s)?
Have the applications implemented VFS in different ways?
Will editing files "in place" ever be part of VFS?

Kind regards,

libgnome-vfs-common 1.0.5-5.2
libgnome-vfs0 1.0.5-5.2
libgnomevfs2-0 2.8.4-4
libgnomevfs2-common 2.8.4-4
Iain Mac Donald

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