Re: Authentication Cache for libsmb (gnome-vfs-extras)

Would it be possible to move this login/password caching feature to an
upper level ?  (ie put it somewhere where it could cache login/passwords
for all gnome-vfs methods). As I see it, all gnome apps using gnome-vfs
should automatically get an authentification dialog when necessary, but
to be able to do that we need to cache this info to avoid asking for a
password for every call to a gnome-vfs method :)
I started to look at that a while back, and the code in Nautilus and eel
which handles the authentication dialog shouldn't be too difficult to
"extract" if necessary. I quickly hacked a login/password hash table in
the Nautilus code, but never debugged it :-/ My main concern with that
approach was about how long to keep the password (gnome-vfs lacks the
notion of session for that :(. 


Le mer 20/11/2002 à 12:10, Knut Neumann a écrit :
> Am Mit, 2002-11-20 um 12.07 schrieb Knut Neumann:
> > > The difference is that when using WinNT, valid authorization data
> from
> > > the login session is always passed to the server so it knows which
> > > directories to show.  This works when mounting with smbmount because
> you
> > > specify the username/password at mount time.  Unfortunately, we
> don't
> > > have this information when you first start browsing.
> Something I forgot to ask: Wouldnt it be helpful if you could set the
> username in the standard g-vfs-auth-callback via in_args? Would that
> break ABI/API compatibility?
> -Knut
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