Re: Authentication Cache for libsmb (gnome-vfs-extras)

Am Mit, 2002-11-20 um 04.00 schrieb Alex Graveley:
> No patch attached :-)

Sorry. I used a webmail frontend from home and obviously something went

> Have you seen the ximian-smb branch of gnome-vfs-extras?  It seems to
> perform this same function.  Maybe you could compare this with your work
> and see if there are any holes between the two?

Damnit :/ Nope I did not see it. Anyway, it really seems to be a
complete rewrite of smb-method.c, so there is no way my patch would
nicely fit in (and with a quick look at the code and test there do not
seem to be any holes [1]). If anyone is interested I could still resend
it, but I assume ximian-smb branch is going to replace head, so there
would be no sense at all?!

> The difference is that when using WinNT, valid authorization data from
> the login session is always passed to the server so it knows which
> directories to show.  This works when mounting with smbmount because you
> specify the username/password at mount time.  Unfortunately, we don't
> have this information when you first start browsing. say if I am logged into NT with knut/password this auth info
is used to log into samba and if that fails it queries for an auth info
by dialog? That would mean that 95/98 simply does not care wether I try
to log in with wrong user/password. Otherwise NT is able to find out
wether you are trying to log into a samba or 95/98 host. Hmm - in the
former case if you log into every host with say user environment
variable and no password, windows hosts would work but anonymously
logging into samba servers is broken. I will have to think over that...

> Great to see someone looking at this.

Great to see someone already did it the right way ;)


[1] Ok, obviously I even have to log in to servers that allow anonymous
logins and logging in with smb://user:password ip-address does strange
things. Maybe there is still room to be helpful at last.

Knut Neumann <knut neumann uni-duesseldorf de>
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