Re: NFS/AFS and is_local

Hi Mikael,

On Tue, 2002-11-05 at 14:52, Mikael Hallendal wrote:
> I agree, would just having a few more enum's for different speeds do or
> should we have some way of setting "speed" of access. So that you can
> say (in Nautilus for example) load previews for access speed faster than
> X. You get my point? :)

	Yes; the problem of course is how to mangle the two types of
capabilities: 'speed' and 'can_execute_on' into the same API method - I
guess that can't be done.

> Hmm .. it would be nice to have some way of asking if it "looks local"
> to the user. For WebDAV for example the user actually connects to
> another server manually. This is not the case with NFS/AFS. Ie. even if
> the NFS/AFS mounts are slower than the local ones you probably want
> Nautilus to treat them the same since you as a user don't see any
> difference between them, other than them being slow.

	Hmm; :-) I think it has to be customisable. There are some massive afs
setups there, and I imagine some of the mounts are extremely slow.

> Shouldn't this rather go into the metafiles in ~/.nautilus/metafiles
> rather than GConf?

	Quite possibly; I'm just concerned that people using the gnome-vfs
method can access that data [ should a method be folded into gnome-vfs

	Either way - it'd be extremely fruitful to expunge the last of the
gnome_vfs_is_local type calls from nautilus, work out what the API
should look like, and make it handle all the cases we want nicely [ and
make it customisable ;-]. Then we can fold it in lower down.



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