Re: NFS/AFS and is_local

On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 11:45:35PM +0100, Mikael Hallendal wrote:
> I want to make some scripts to manage my photo gallery with Nautilus.
> Doing so I mount my web directory from my web server to my desktop over
> NFS. This is a problem since Nautilus won't work correctly with scripts
> over NFS, see:
> Both AFS and NFS is mounted transparently to your local file system so
> your scripts should work just the same as for local file systems.
> However the gnome_vfs_uri_is_local returns FALSE for both AFS and NFS
> (which it should I guess), but Nautilus would need to have something
> other than is_local to check whether to execute a script against it (You
> need to be able to execute scripts against files/folders in webdav too).

This was a "fun" problem just before the 2.0.0 release when we suddenly
realised that Nautilus would not run with NFS-mounted home directories
(for exactly the same reason). Basically gnome_vfs_uri_is_local() is
being used for multiple things -- "I can write to this", "it's a fast
filesystem", [there are more, but I forget them all now].

To fix the NFS-mounted /home problem, Michael put some stuff in eel.
Have a look at eel/eel-vfs-extensions.[ch] and see if they can be used
usefully (they are already used in places in Nautilus, as I indicated

[There's also a chance that Michael will give a more concrete answer
when he sees my blundering attempt. :-) ]


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