Re: bugzilla triage

Hi Christophe,

	This is great work; good stuff ...

On Sun, 2002-11-03 at 16:30, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> I went throught gnome-vfs bugs, and found several bugs with quite simple
> patches attached, it would be worth to apply them imo.


> adds
> icon_filename=gnome-tex to text/x-tex mime type
> (not sure it's a valid bug, but if it is, there is a simple patch which
> should be applied imo)

	Can you commit this one; most of these should be on HEAD.

>  Ftp listing fails on
> microsoft ftp server
> (tested it and it works)

	The 2nd patch looks fine albeit large; better to have this
functionality than not though. Can you write an appropriate ChangeLog,
and commit it. It'd also be nice to change the:

	i = strcspn (file_info->name, "\r\n");

	to be the length arg for a g_strndup; so we don't waste space.

> (improves one of the
> tests, can't hurt to have that in)

	Looks lovely; can you commit with ChangeLog / close bug etc.

> (fixes an assert, I
> don't know if the fix is correct)

	Ok - the fix is already in HEAD and stable, I've closed it.

> fix for
> --with-openssl-includes not honored

	Should go in similarly; please commit.

> (solaris build fix,
> someone with a solaris box should tell what he thinks about it)

	We no longer compile that code; so lets ignore that one for now.

> (HP/UX build fix,
> someone should test it)

	Looks fine; needs a ChangeLog obviously.

> Here is also two bugs which are quite old but still relevant imo, and
> which are quite ugly, but shouldn't be too difficult to fix:

	That's going to need a larger audit / report here I guess ?


	Should be easy to fix; we should do that, can you test / commit a patch

> I also closed several bugs which were related to gnome-vfs 1.0 but fixed
> in 2.0, I hope that's ok.

	That's really great; it's wonderful to have you maintaining the
gnome-vfs bugzilla.

> I kept those 1.0 bugs, but they probably could be closed: 

	Sure; it's worth closing those bugs fixed in 2.0, with 'fixed in 2.0'
or somesuch, particularly where there's no chance of fixing them for

> Hope this bug list is helpful, and that someone will have time to take a
> look at it,

	I had a go; looks like you're doing a great job.



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